Plenty of places are holding events dedicated to what would be Bon Scott’s 70th birthday. We decided to compile a list.

Chelsea Heights Hotel – VIC

Metropolis Fremantle – WA

Fly by Night Musician’s Club Fremantle – WA


If you know of any others, or you wish to post a review of an event, make sure to contact us or leave a comment.

Pure and classic old school fun! These are the T-Shirts mostly seen back in the 70’s and eighties. With these, we plan to create a healthy collection spanning all the decades. These shirts took the p### out of everything! Popular brands, political agendas, TV shows, Movies, and recording artists. No one was safe! Worn by all walks of life including rockstars, roadies, groupies etc,  we intend to review and release these as we go so keep checking with us for updates. Here’s a taste of what’s to come with our first instalment, the ‘COCAINE’ shirt. Comes in both RED or BLACK!  Continue reading →

Philip Morris is the inimitable Australian rock photographer who today boasts one of the most extensive photo archive libraries of Australian rock music. Many of his collection are being made available to the public for the first time.

Born in Narrandera, Australia, Morris started his career behind the lens in Sydney at the age of 15. He got his first official gig as a contributing photographer for the first national Australian pop publication Go Set in the late 1960s.  Continue reading →

Sir William Wallace Hotel

The Sir William Wallace Hotel, Balmain

Some places just never seem to die or even change for that matter. They’ll just keep going and going until the whole world is out of booze! One of those ‘historic’ pubs is the ‘Sir William Wallace Hotel’ located on tight corner in the narrow backstreets of a small Sydney village called Balmain.  Among the multitude of  famous or infamous regular patrons was a young NIDA actor by the name of Mel Gibson who was apparently truly inspired by this rustic old colonial pub located not too far from his residence and the time of his schooling. And so legend has it Continue reading →

Folks,  we’ve been wanting for a quite while now to update and streamline our website. We figured we needed it to be faster and more efficient to help accomodate more product and features but the whole task seemed far too complex and pointless as it really wouldn’t have changed things enough to be of any real benefit. So instead we decided to just go ahead build a NEW ONE!! So here we are, yes I know a lot of you are thinking ‘way straighter’, were’s the ‘retro’ vibe etc etc but here’s the thing; in order to expand our catalogue with the potential to host tons more product we really didn’t have a choice. The old site was cute and fun to look at but truly for what we’re aiming for….just not capable. In the end what’s important to us is our products and their appeal to you, our valued customers. We aim to expand and deliver all your memories one after the other.

In this first release we have quite a few new interesting releases, a couple of classics from Melbourne like the INCREDIBLE THUMPING TUM, the hub of way-early Aussie rock history, or THE HARD ROCK CAFE featuring a young hard working bunch of skinny lads later to be named ‘ ‘AC-DC’ only to be discovered by the club’s owner, Michael Browning who went on to manage and kick of their massive career. For Sydney, we added SURF CITY, the biggest rock club in town located in Kings Cross. Back in the early to mid sixties it was an old theatre converted in to a giant hall where the superstars like BILLY THORPE and THE AZTECS and RAY BROWN and THE WHISPERS cut their teeth. There’s also the very popular 70’s and 80’s venue THE TRADE UNION CLUB in the dark backstreets of Surry Hills, the CIVIC HOTEL which still stands on the corner of Pitt and Goulburn Streets keeping a sharp eye over it’s ol’ cousin CHEQUERS (diagonally across the street).

So the list goes on with the new stuff, but the real treat for us is to be given the honour to print photos of some of the greatest superstars on earth ever, on our T-Shirts! Thanks to rock photographer legend and good friend PHILIP MORRIS, Last Drinks are now printing RARE photos of the likes of LED ZEPPELIN in Sydney back in 1972, AC DC in Sydney Harbour 1976 or MICK JAGGER and KEITH RICHARDS. Go ahead check them all out here These amazing shots plus a ton more were taken from Phil’s recently released book called, ‘IT’S A LONG WAY THERE – FROM ACCA-DACCA TO ZAPPA 1969-1979’. You can buy Phil’s book here.

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Not only have we release new shirts for Melbourne and Sydney, but we’re also having a massive Christmas sale!

15% OFF all shirts, and if you buy 3 or more we’ll ship them for free (within Australia only).

Sale runs from now until Jan 1st, but to guarantee delivery for Christmas please make sure to get your order in by Dec 18th.

So here’s the thing, we figured the whole ‘Batch Print’ thing was far too slow and confusing so we decided to stock our shirts instead. Yeah, small runs to start with because it’s not the cheapest of businesses to run but after seeing these beautiful gems arrive shining through their sparkling plastic bags and tagged with our famous ‘Bar Fly’ mascot, we gasped with relief, “hell they’re awesome!” lol. No kidding here, we’re talking gorgeous water based or discharge ink print styles which results in a soft natural print. None of this ‘Plastisol’ garbage that scrapes up against your body.. I especially love the carefully selected vintage coloured ink which truly makes the shirt look and feel like it was printed back in the seventies! Continue reading →

Welcome to Last Drink Inc. ! Yeah I know we’ve taken quite a while to get the ball a’rollin, with but I do have to say, it hasn’t been and easy road. It all began with just some silly nostalgia nonsense by yours truly, a self confessed ‘nostalgia tragic’.

As a lover of classic Sydney nightlife and as a musician myself, I’ve always felt compelled to honour the culture that helped shape and launch some of our greatest rock’n’roll bands and artists. I feel so priviliged to have experienced front row, the birth of monsters like AC DC and The Angels on a quiet Wednseday night at ‘Chequers’ or to have rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s most famous rock stars in the dark smoke-filled corridor of ‘Springfields’. Continue reading →

As mentioned on our home page, we’re batch printing your orders. I know it may seem frustratingly slow, but unfortunately for now this is the only way we can. Full apologies to all out there that are aren’t happy about it. On the upside its allows for us to pass some savings over to you. With less overheads we can afford to sell these at realistic prices while still maintaining the utmost in shirt and print quality. As we hope to grow we’ll endeavour to process and deliver your shirts faster.
Please read our production time frame below.
Each week and usually Mondays, we place a new order with our factory. Production of this order usually takes between 3 to 5 working days after which your shirts are dispatched to you immediately. Next please allow 2 working days (Australia ony) for your shirts to arrive through Australia Post. (Overseas customers will be otherwise advised according to their location).
FYI: When you place your order you will be given an approximate day your shirts will arrive. Continue reading →

So folks here are the first lot of Last Drinks shirts!
As we go we’ll be fattening up our catalogue with lots more product and from all the major cities. Melbourne, Adelaide you’re next! So far we’ve snuck in one Melbourne classic ‘THE BOMBAY ROCK’ man that place rocked! Anyway plenty more where that came from.
Also in the pipeline are Defunct TV Rock shows. You know the ones! Kicking off that series so far is the ABC’s daily late arvo show ‘FLASHEZ’ which goes back to the late seventies and hosted by pop idol and pin-up boy RAY BURGESS and MIKE MEAD. Hoping to get NIGHTMOVES and SOUNDS UNLIMITED next. Working on it…will keep you posted.
WE WELCOME YOUR INPUT. If you have a suggestion, a great story or anything you’d like to share with us please feel free!